Green Point Design Est. 1998      
Ballarat-based Sustainable Architect working Victoria-wide.
Certified Passive House Designer.

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Who are we?​
  • We are Ballarat-based Sustainable Architects who design green buildings locally and Victoria-wide. 
  • Eric Zehrung, Architect, established Green Point Design in 1998, and we have many years experience and a passion for designing timeless, tasteful, energy efficient buildings.
  • We specialize in sustainable residential and small commercial, medical and community architecture, both new and renovations.
  • ​We are Certified Passive House Designers and can design your home and building to this exciting world-leading standard in energy efficiency.
  • ​We are A+ Members Australian Institute of Architects.
Realistic 3D Renderings
  • "Walk-through" your house or building from the early design stages through completion with 3D Hyper-Model Technology. The fantastic 3D photo-realistic finishes and colours allow you to get an accurate feel for how the exterior and interior spaces and rooms will look before you build (example shown is our "Gisborne House").
Point of Difference:
  • We pride ourselves on our small office with personalised friendly service and excellent communication.
  • We have a range of flexible service options and packages. 
  • We have a transparent fee structure. See fee options and tables outlined in our menu.
  • Click HERE to see client reviews on our Houzz page.
Getting Started with Your Project:
  • Learn about choosing and working with an Architect in the Australian Institute of Architects Brochure "You and Your Architect"  HERE .
  • New building projects can commence with Green Point Design's two-cycle sketch design process. At the completion of this stage, enough should be known about the project for us to prepare a detailed service package and fee for the remainder of the project. Generally, fees from this stage are absorbed into the fees for the project as a whole. See a summary of what is included  HERE.​
Passive House:
  • We are Certified Passive House Designers and have passed an exam set by the Passive House Institute in Germany.
  • Passive House is a voluntary design and construction concept developed in Germany in the early 1990’s that delivers ultra energy efficient buildings.
  • Passive House involves an airtight super insulated building envelope, and a clever ventilation system that provides fresh outdoor air while recycling indoor temperatures.
  • Watch a video: "Passive House Explained in 90 seconds" HERE.
  • For a clear easy to understand description of Passive House, read this article Eric wrote for the Owner Builder Magazine:​
"Passive House"