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Area-Based Architectural Fees 
Historically, architectural fees have been calculated as a percentage of a building's cost. It is also possible to calculate architectural fees as a function of a building's area. We use a figure called the "Factored Project Area" as a basis for fee calculation.

Factored project area allows for increases and decreases in building complexity based on type. For example, if a standard internal building area with a standard flat ceiling is given a factor of 100%, then an area with a high ceiling and clerestory windows is given a factor of 125%, and an unfinished garage is given a factor of 50%. The fee can then be derived as $ per square metre.

Please note that our tables are based on projects with a typical degree of complexity and detailing. Projects that vary – either less or more complex than typical – can be negotiated accordingly.

The system can be used for both new buildings and renovations. One advantage of this system is that a client can gauge what the fees may be prior to engaging the architect. They can also remain informed and in control of the fee throughout the project.

See Green Point Design's area-based fee tables below:
New Buildings
​- All costs shown include GST
- $/sm = Building cost per square metre used to calculate the architectural fees.
- $ = Fee for core architectural services. Other costs can include consultant fees (like town planning, quantity surveyor, structural engineer) and travel costs where applicable. Refer to travel costs  HERE.
Green Point Design
Factored Area Worked Example
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