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Percentage-Based Architectural Fees
Architectural fees can be based on a percentage of the cost of the building. The reason for relating the architectural fee to building costs is that the factors affecting the cost to build also affect the time required to design.

A large and complex project will naturally take longer to design and cost more to build than a small and simple one.

One advantage of the percentage fee type is its flexibility. If the scope of the project increases or decreases, the overall fee can change accordingly without having to renegotiate.
New Buildings
*Packages A & B: Value of building work verified by builder or quantity surveyor.
**Package C: Value of building work as per contract price.
​- All costs shown include GST
- % = Percentage of building cost used to calculate the architectural fees.
- $ = Fee for core architectural services. Other costs can include consultant fees (like town planning, quantity surveyor, structural engineer) and travel costs where applicable. Refer to travel costs  HERE.
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