Green Point Design Est. 1998      
Ballarat-based Sustainable Architect working Victoria-wide.
Certified Passive House Designer.


Green Point Design:
​​​​​Green Point Design Service Packages
A, B & C HERE.

Green Point Design Brochure HERE.

​​Map to Green Point Design Office​​ HERE.

Working with your Architect:
Australian Institute of Architects reference copy of Client and Architect Agreement HERE.

Australian Institute of Architects brochure: You and Your Architect HERE.

Architects Registration Board of Victoria: Working With Your Architect HERE.

Articles and Handouts:
Passive House in Australia Presentation for BREAZE Ballarat HERE.

"Passive House" by Eric Zehrung. Owner Builder magazine HERE.

"Passive House Active Planet Care" by Eric Zehrung. Earth Garden Magazine

Designing Cool Houses for Summer Heat HERE.

​Rural Living HERE.

Designing Warm Houses for Cold Winters HERE.

​​​Healthy Houses​​ HERE.