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Certified Passive House Designer.

Certified Passive House Designers 
Green Point Design are Certified Passive House Designers and have passed a stringent exam set by the Passive House Institute in Germany.

What is the Passive House Standard?
Owners describe what it's like to live in the comfort of a Passive House building in the video below:

The definition of Passive House is driven by air quality and comfort: "A Passive House is a building in which thermal comfort can be achieved solely by post-heating or post-cooling the fresh air flow required for a good indoor air quality, without the need for additional recirculation of air." Passive Hause Institute (PHI)
Video Credits:

The Vancouver Passive House Icebox Challenge.

The City of Vancouver in Canada has adopted the Passive House standard, which cuts a building's energy consumption by 90%. The Passive House standard vs the BC Building Code were put to the test in an Ice Box Challenge. See which one came out on top!

Videos outlining Passive House Principles:

Video 1. Passive House Design and Construction for Residential Properties.
Energyquarter has teamed up with the Passive House Academy to produce these four "Passive House Principles" videos. The first  explores the practical applications of Passive House design and construction for residential properties.

Video 2. Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation.
Most of us spend most of our time in buildings. With the Passive House Standard, there is a requirement for a high level of airtightness: 0.6 Air Changes per Hour. So how do we get quality, fresh air into our buildings? In this video we look at the mechanically controlled ventilation system, it's benefits and practical installation......

Video 3. Insulation and Airtightness.
In this next video of the Passive House series we look at insulation and airtightness in more detail. To reduce heat loss in the building it is
important to effectively manage these aspects of the building fabric. We visit a property that is targeting Passive House Certification and
putting these principles into practice.

Video 4. Back-up Heating Systems.
What messages could we possibly be trying to get across with props such as wine bottles, a hair dryer and a visit to the petrol station?!

The Ventilation System of a Passive House.
This video showcases the ventilation system and ventilation process within a Passive House. (Produced by PolyurethanesMedia)

Passive House explained:

Passive House is a voluntary design and construction concept developed in Germany in the early 1990’s that delivers ultra energy efficient buildings.

Passive House involves an airtight super insulated building envelope, and a clever ventilation system that provides fresh outdoor air while recycling indoor temperatures (see diagram and photos below).

The buildings are designed to remain between 20 and 25 degrees centigrade and 40-60% humidity using only a tiny amount of supplemental energy for heating and cooling. For example, a 200 square meter home is designed to be heated with a maximum of 2000 watts on the coldest day, the energy used for a common hair drier.​

Passive House basics explained. Green Point Design are Certified Passive House Designers.
Airtight connectors in a Passive House under construction. Green Point Design are Certified Passive House Designers.

Airtight connectors between wood components in a Passive House under construction.
Passive House Institute. Darmstadt, Germany.

Passive House efficiency on a cold winter night in New York. Green Point Design are Certified Passive House Designers.

This infrared camera shot demonstrates the lack of heat loss and energy efficiency of this Passive House home in Brooklyn, New York on a cold winter night compared to the surrounding buildings.'Tighthouse'. Brooklyn, New York USA. Fete Nature Architecture. Photo: Sam Mcafee

Easy to understand descriptions of Passive House by Eric :

"Passive House." Owner Builder
"Passive House. Active Planet Care." Earth Garden
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